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Thank you for stopping by my site for dog lovers. In these pages, you will discover beautifully written, insightful, and humorous poetic short stories about dogs that are just trying to live their best life while dealing with things like other dogs, cats, food, people, and more.

I always had a knack for rhyming, but in 2014 poems began popping into my head. It may have been due to my new connection with dogs. First came Arby and the other two, Knuckles and Kipper, came later in the year. The love for man’s best friend inspired me to become an author. I view it as a gift and inspiration from God.

In my inaugural book, This K-9 of Mine, you’ll discover a collection of 29 poetic, short stories written through the eyes of man’s best friend that will light up your day and sometimes bring tears to your eyes.

Featured in this book is the poem “Windows in Heaven”  which touches upon a dog’s initial experience in the heavenly realm. Numerous individuals who have mourned the loss of their cherished canine companion have found solace in this particular poem. A dear friend offers a personalized rendition of the poem, incorporating the dog’s image and name, creating a meaningful memorial keepsake

My second book, The Adventures of Chet and Emily, is a story about Emily, a special needs girl given up for adoption at birth by her family because they didn’t know if they had the means or the patience to raise a child this special. A loving Christian family adopts her and five years later an abandoned, stray dog they name Chet enters their life. From then on, Chet and Emily are inseparable!

In my third book, What Would I Do Without You?” you will enjoy a collection of 42 more poetic short stories which is a continuation of This K-9 Of Mine and covers many aspects of a dog’s life including the first days together to the loyal end in Faithful Friend.

I am also a musician and bring the Word to people through music ministry with my youngest son Zach, as the duet Healing Reign Music. We perform at local churches and at homeless shelters. 

In addition to creating poems about loveable, furry friends, I also write spirit-filled devotional poems. A new book called God’s Way in 60 Days is in the works.

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I’ll share what’s going on in my life and my dog’s lives. There could be contests, stories, unpublished poems, and more!  This is a new site and I am open to suggestions.

Please take a minute to look around and enjoy.

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